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Secure your connections with Elcam's Safe2 Rotator™

Good and safe connection of IV tubing is critical to safe and effective IV therapy. Leakages of drugs and blood resulting from cracks due to stresses that builds up during connector use is a major concern when it comes to using connectors. These cracks and consequent leakages can result in serious and irreversible patient injury due to potential adverse events, as well as jeopardize medical teams. 

Safe2 Rotator™ improves patient and caregiver safety as well as improves workflow

The Safe2 Rotator (S2R) is a unique polyethylene connector with a spinning lock feature that provides ease of use and an extra layer of passive protection for fluid managing applications, without altering the traditional usability and common practice.

Mechanical advantages​

Reduces mechanical stresses developing during Luer lock connection and minimizes crack formation and consequent leakages​

Prevents leakages due to over-tightening​

Prevents ”stuck Luer locks” due to adhesions and facilitates easy disconnection upon end of therapy​

Prevents accidental disconnections​

Safety advantages

Minimizes drug and blood leakage and related adverse events: Blood-borne pathogens and hazardous drug exposure, Blood loss, Dehydration, Air embolism, Microbial ingress and CRBSI.

Maximizing therapy completeness​

Workflow advantages

Reduces tube kinks and twists in the tubing set​

Facilitates convenient approach to injection and sampling during fluid administration​

Enables rotation of coupled luer lock connections and stopcocks​

Related literature

Among the many clinical threats that are related to CVC, embolism is rare but catastrophic. Air can enter the vascular system at the time of catheter insertion or removal and during accidental disconnection of catheter.
Int J Crit Illn Inj Sci. July-Sept 2018

Luer separations result in four types of complications that can happen separately or in combination: infection, blood loss, air embolism, and medication leakage at the connection. All that is required for blood loss or air embolism to occur is a leak between the vascular system and the atmosphere, and a pressure gradient favorable for bleeding or air entrainment.
APSF Oct. 2021

According to Lynn Hadaway (CRNI, RN-BC), an international thought leader in infusion therapy and vascular access: All nurses have been instructed to wrap an alcohol pad around the catheter hub, rotate it several times, and then allow it to dry. Four days later, nurses need to  change the needleless connector, and it simply will not come off. 

Safe2 Rotator™ Luer Connector

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